GP Practice ‘re-opening’ Update From Monday 17th May

Dear Patient

You may have seen information in the media concerning face to face appointments being available from Monday 17 May and telephone/online consultations being scrapped. We were informed of the updated information at the same time as the public.

At Triveni PMS we have never stopped providing face to face consultations when needed. We have also always had telephone triage, even before the COVID pandemic, you may remember we offered telephone calls from our “Duty Doctor Call”.

Through the use of telephone consultations and online consultations, we have been able to increase capacity in the number of appointments we provide. We have also been able to continue providing services even when doctors have had to self-isolate, or if we have had to close a site down due to our support staff being unwell or having to self-isolate. Without the use of telephone and online consultations we would have had no option but to cancel our patients’ appointments. We are also now able to respond to patients’ queries and consultations with a matter days by using the e-Consult link on our website.

Some of our patients now prefer to be able to consult with us remotely even though we are happy to see patients face to face if required.

Triveni PMS have a responsibility to provide a service that fits the needs of all our patients registered at the practice and we would be keen to work with you to redesign the service to best suit all of our patients. We will soon be arranging a Patient Participation Group Meeting and would like to invite patients who would like to contribute to the conversation to engage. If you would like to do this please give your email address and name to the reception team who will pass your details on to our PPG Lead at Triveni.